High speed powder stickpack machine is chosen by mainly coffee manufacturers for single use espresso, 3in1 and 2in1 stickpack coffee as well as Turkish coffee products. Besides, milk powder, pharmaceutical powder, various powder in cosmetics industry and any type of powder products.

The most important technical point of the packaging machine is the auger filler. Auger filler has to be designed specifically for your product. The reason is each powder has its own characteristics, so it might affect to agitator design even the silo design on the packaging machine. Mentpack packaging machines has over 20 years of valuable experience in the packaging machine industry. We are solving our customers’ requests with this experience behind as well as paying attention to day’s packaging technology innovations. Adjustable speed of augers on our auger fillers by driving each line with its own servo motor gives the best accuracy on each line of our stick pack packaging machine.

Proudly, after sales service & technical support is our most appreciated part by our valuable customers. Mentpack packaging machines offers the best value of your money and technically right machine for your high-speed powder stickpack machine needs with up to 12 lines.

Mentpack Packaging Machines has the widest range of stick pack machine manufacturers worldwide. From entry level (1-line stickpack) to 12 lines for any type of product filling ability serves to its customers from budget base to capacity and high-end base machines. That wide range of stickpack machines gives a chance to end user to have Mentpack’s stick pack machines for sale. Entry level models called Artistick+ is a budget friendly machines which has easy mechanical design, basic features, quite enough speed and as always, the best quality equipment on Artistick+. Having up to 12 lines with any type of filler is a solution for high capacity required packaging applications projects.

Liquid stickpack machines are able to fill ketchup, mayonnaise, salad dressing, olive oil, lemon sauce, honey, pomegranate sauce, shampoo, sanitizer gel, hand cream and so on… Large variety on optional equipment and units help you to customize your stickpack machine %100 suitable for your liquid stickpack applications.

Powder stickpack machines have an auger filler driven by individual servo motor for each line on any of our stickpack machines. It helps to catch the accuracy between lines so each stickpack has the correct amount of filling.

Granule stickpack machines are the most wanted types as its also called a sugar stickpack machines. Our sugar (granule) stickpack machines have a special designed filler to fill sugar, brown sugar, salt, black pepper, coffee creamer, etc. products. Up to 70 cycles per minute makes Mentpack the most famous machine in contract packing industry.

Different width of stickpack, serrated or straight cut option, inkjet coding by traversing, hot stamp (ribbon) coding or cold stamp coding, UV lamp for film, automatic feeders, outfeed conveyors, auto cartoning unit, boxing unit are some of the optional equipment and units for Mentpack stickpack machines.