High speed liquid Stickpack machine is one of the most demanded packaging machine in product range of Mentpack packaging machines. The demand is especially in stickpack ketchup and mayonnaise, honey packaging and chocolate filling industries.

Unique technology of cut-off nozzles, open frame design structure and having simple solutions for technically complicated points make our stickpack machine reputation very well in packaging machine industry. Our high-speed liquid stickpack machine reaches up to 60-70 cycles per line with Siemens motion control equipment and highly qualified in-house coding team. As a result of motion control technology meets with multilane design on stickpack machine bring a successful machine to the packaging industry.

Our high-speed model range is between 6 to 12 lines which make up to 700-800 stick packs per minute output capacities. It’s easily modifiable with optional equipment such as automatic boxing conveyor system, UV-C lamp unit, date coding solutions by traversing unit with inkjet printer, hot stamp coder with ribbon or laser coding, CIP cleaning unit and many more. Some of the explanations of our high-speed stickpack liquid machine above make Mentpack packaging machines is a leading machine manufacturer in the packaging market.